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Pyrotechnics are an extremely diverse set of effects, and it takes a company with extensive production experience to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the audience, cast, and crew. No one does this better than VOLT. Our pyrotechnicians bring years of production experience to each and every project, along with imagination, creativity, and design ability that are second to none. Using world-class technology, we are able to precisely choreograph all pyrotechnic effects with other production elements, creating breathtaking visual displays with the utmost attention to safety.

pyro photo (services)


The dramatic effect of complex choreographed flame sequences creates endless entertainment possibilities. Our team prides itself in advancing its flame capabilities by continuously updating our arsenal.



Lasers have been a staple amongst all performers and always enhance the audience experience. Our specialized lasers can create effects that are unique to the client and create an atmosphere that is unforgettable.



Aerial shell displays come in a variety of colors and forms. We are able to combine our fireworks knowledge and expertise with special and close-proximity effects to create incredible shows for clients and their audiences. We are capable of integrating well-known musical scores into our productions to reflect strong direction and purpose.



With our cryogenics effects, natural air is used to create incredible background and front-of-stage effects including theatrical smoke effects, cryo “frozen fog” jets of liquid CO2, and the high-pressure excitement of jets pulsing to the beat of your favorite music.



Customized color, shape,and size to add excitement to any occasion. Confetti blowers for continuous flows of confetti suitable for any venue, and confetti cannons for precise bursts of confetti or streamers on cue.



We are able to provide you with the gear you need to have a successful small to large scale production/ event of any type